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Committee of Anti-Imperialists in Solidarity with Iran (CASI)

Founding Statement and Principles of Unity


The Committee of Anti-Imperialists in Solidarity with Iran (CASI) opposes U.S. imperialism against Iran, and is united against U.S. intervention in Iran, Iraq and throughout the world.  We are a group of internationalist activists, Iranian and otherwise, located in the United States and Canada, and we consider ourselves part of anti-imperialist, anti-war movements throughout the world.  We support the right of people and nations to build their own societies free from the terror of imperialist war and violence.

We reject all forms of imperialist intervention in Iran by the United States, its junior partner Israel, and the functionaries of imperialism, who execute the imperialist agenda at the expense of the Iranian people. This includes overt interventions such as the establishment of U.S. military bases surrounding Iran, the continued threat of war, assassinations, sanctions, embargoes and covert interventions in the form of undercover agents and provocateurs, targeted assassinations of Iranian leaders, scientists and others, sabotage of the domestic infrastructure, and the funneling of money and arms to pro-imperialist forces within Iran.

We combat the misrepresentation and orientalist framing of Iran and its people and movements by the Western media, including outlets that claim to be progressive. The parroting of State Department propaganda and the demonization of Iran serve only to promote U.S. imperial goals in the region.

We demand the immediate removal of all U.S. military bases and personnel from Iraq and Afghanistan. We stand with the Iraqi and Afghan people as they boldly and courageously fight to remove all manifestations of U.S. occupation, including military bases, troops, private contractors, and economic development consultants from within their borders.

We support the Palestinian right to sovereignty, self-determination and return, and stand against Zionism. We stand for the complete liberation of Palestine and for an end to Israeli occupation and apartheid, modern vestiges of European colonialism in West Asia. Israel is merely the junior partner of Europe and the U.S., participating in the destruction of anti-imperialist efforts from Palestine and Lebanon to Egypt and Sudan.  The end of U.S. and European imperialism will lead to the end of zionism as well.

We reject the reactionary role of the Gulf States and Israel in the region, including the promulgation of colonialism and religious, racial and ethnic sectarianism.  Sectarianism functions to split the people of West Asia so that they are divided and therefore weakened in their fight against the greatest purveyor of violence in world history, U.S. imperialism.   We stand with all peoples across the region, from Iraq and Iran to Palestine, Lebanon and beyond, who have dedicated their lives to fighting for liberation from imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.

We express our solidarity with and support of indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada in their struggle against North American colonialism and imperialism, and we stand for the abolition of the U.S. military, police, and immigration forces. The U.S. military and police forces were initially established to control and repress the original peoples of this land and enslaved Africans, brought to this land against their will.  After the abolition of slavery, the United States encouraged the migration of people from Asia, Latin America and Africa in order to develop a cheap labor force that could replace enslaved Africans at low cost.  As an imperial power, the U.S. ravages other regions throughout the world and uses La Migra to enforce colonial and imperial border policies. We support all indigenous, Black and immigrant movements that seek an end to U.S. colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy and heteropatriarchy.

We are committed to practicing a politics of the here and now.  In order to transform the world, we must contend with it as it is, where we are.  Our job, as those located within the heart of U.S. imperialism, is to oppose it so that the peoples of the world may build their own societies free from the terror of imperial violence.

We invite you to join us in the struggle.  To join or support this effort, please email us at communications@solidarityiran.org or use our Contact Form.

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