Thursday, April 25
4 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Eastern

The ongoing Zionist genocide in Gaza, which has so far taken 40,000 Palestinian lives as the US prepares to send another $26 billion in weaponry to prop up the machine of war and occupation, has been met with a powerful resistance, stretching from Palestine to Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq — and around the world. It is clear that the global balance of power is changing and that US empire will never be the same. Join our webinar for an insightful and informative discussion of Iran’s retaliation to Zionist attacks and effective deterrence, the current state of US imperialism — and the resistance — in the world today, and the relationship between Palestine, Iran, and resistance forces regionally and internationally.


  • HELYEH DOUTAGHI, scholar of public international law and co-chair of International People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades, and Economic Coercive Measures.
  • NINA FARNIA, law professor at Albany Law School, co-founder of the International People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism, and co-founder of the newly formed Anti-Imperialist Scholars Collective.
  • KHALED BARAKAT, Palestinian writer and member of the Executive Committee of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement


Organized by the Masar Badil and CASI: Committee of Anti-Imperialists in Solidarity with Iran

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